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No Place Like Home

– written 25 June 2013 by Renae’ Harrison Wouldn’t it be great to exercise your mind, indulge in the playfulness of words with style, rhythm, and rhyme. A simple thought is where it begins of imagination and intellect, Fruitful thoughts … Continue reading

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A Moment of Prayer

– written 10 January 2004 by Renae’ Harrison So much time has passed since we last spoke Many days I haven’t prayed In this moment I fall to my knees, fold my hands, and slowly bow my head. I ask … Continue reading

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– written 18 June 2013 by Renae’ Harrison He wandered through the swaying flowers Of copious colors for endless hours Atop a mountain overlooking the valley low A waiver of freedom abreast the morning glow He tests his faith Bequeath … Continue reading

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Best Contest

BEST CONTEST – by Renae’ Harrison That trembling feeling above my hips Drives through¬† my toes and fingertips Restrains words from flowing off my lips And you’re still there not knowing. ¬†

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Who Am I

– written 10 Oct 2000 by Renae’ Harrison I don’t know many things, but I know what I mean, When the question is asked – who am I? personally or socially, To which do I intervene? I’m a cross between … Continue reading

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– written 25 Mar 06 by Renae’ Harrison I know not what the violent skies where the wind blows or where its secret lies The heart of the mountain and its helpless cries I stand there remembering when… The fall … Continue reading

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Controversies of the Heart

– written 6 January 2004 by Renae’ Harrison No one understands its complexity The divine solitude of charismatic nature Hovered with hatred, provoked by jealousy, and blinded by selfish motives, Exacerbates malicious feelings Often influenced by frivolous beings, and strangled … Continue reading

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No Safe Place

– written July 18, 1999 by Renae’ Harrison Shadowed amongst all endeavors Propelled by such a force of little power or recommendation I thought to myself as I stumbled over many days of belligerent alliances Badgered by all means of … Continue reading

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Against the Grain

– written by Renae’ Harrison, 2010 An ordinary person living an ordinary life will leave behind an empty legacy upon the common mind But in the face of my adversaries I lead with a feathered line Against the grain, against … Continue reading

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Sweet Nuttin’

– written 3 Jan 04 by Renae’ Harrison Black Stallion, the shade of Mocha Latte Twizzler tight arms wrapped around a Sugar Baby Marshmallow mountains perked on a honey-glazed torso Whip cream and strawberries sandwiched in Chocolate Covered Cherries Be … Continue reading

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