Against the Grain

– written by Renae’ Harrison, 2010

An ordinary person living an ordinary life

will leave behind an empty legacy upon the common mind

But in the face of my adversaries I lead with a feathered line

Against the grain, against the world

Leaves passion blind

I’ll only follow a leader

I know the truth, so I seek it

I never fake it or force it

I don’t just speak it, I live it , I breath it

If there’s a calm before the storm I’ll tip toe forward like the Japanese stealth to Pearl Harbor

Then drown myself in vengeance like Katrina swallowed New Orleans

I’m so focused on my ending I often forget where I started

Lost my faith and let pessimism turn me heartless

Shh, a moment of silence for the lost and departed

They say home is where the heart is, but home is where I have the least remorse

Exiled by my haters whose bite has no force

If non-conformity was a sport I’d be the first-round draft pic

Prodigy of Da Vinci, the rebel, huh, I’ll let the  name stick

Bcuz I am the unconventional, aggressive, candid lyrical

Somewhat spiritual – anything more is hypocritcal

My shoulders are heavy with burdens

They’ve traveled long distances – without shortcuts

30 years and I’m still standing

Haters get ya weight up!

I’m the heavyweight champion of a lifetime

I’ll fight ’til I fall

Bcuz in life, knowledge is limited to experience, so I’m gonna freestyle it all!

About satire1982

I'm a New Orleans native, US Army Veteran, and I love to write! I have a variety of interest, so I indulge in many different things. I love ALL things movies, and music. I also write poetry, and am currently working on my first book. Stay tuned! Satire
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6 Responses to Against the Grain

  1. pshatdhj says:

    Deep thoughts should b followed

  2. juan f says:


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