Controversies of the Heart

– written 6 January 2004 by Renae’ Harrison

No one understands its complexity

The divine solitude of charismatic nature

Hovered with hatred, provoked by jealousy, and blinded by selfish motives,

Exacerbates malicious feelings

Often influenced by frivolous beings,

and strangled with too much emotion.

Moments of distress increase vulnerability

Where each mind is gullible and often naiive

Enough to make someone love of lust and codependency.

Confuses the most abrasive persons,

Prejudiced to what they don’t know,

Permissible under peculiar circumstances,

Using words to hide what one’s actions will eventually show.

The exertion of laughter, warm smiles, and loyalty

are easily repressed as a result of unresolved pain,

Without suffering there would be no compassion,

and some will never love again.

Although one may bury his frustrations

Seeking pleasure in a zealous attempt to optimize everything in his life,

Disappointed by uncanny situation arouses fear and hopelessness,

Creating an eccentric reaction of usual disposition

to revert back to childish ways and cold heartedness.

Joy is not great without pain,

Nor is sorrow a match for happiness,

So stubborn one can be,

But nevertheless, desperately seeking an affectionate tone,

Forever lost in its serenity.

About satire1982

I'm a New Orleans native, US Army Veteran, and I love to write! I have a variety of interest, so I indulge in many different things. I love ALL things movies, and music. I also write poetry, and am currently working on my first book. Stay tuned! Satire
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