No Safe Place

– written July 18, 1999 by Renae’ Harrison

Shadowed amongst all endeavors

Propelled by such a force of little power or recommendation

I thought to myself as I stumbled over many days of belligerent alliances

Badgered by all means of society,

Suppressed to nudity of speech

Which shoots words utterly and disdainfully

through the lips of a humble being

Thine own eyes can see

And thou ears can hear

And thou heart can perturb the cruelties of depression,

But I know not yet a thing,

for thine own charity seeks the apprentice of faith.

About satire1982

I'm a New Orleans native, US Army Veteran, and I love to write! I have a variety of interest, so I indulge in many different things. I love ALL things movies, and music. I also write poetry, and am currently working on my first book. Stay tuned! Satire
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