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We’ Straight

We’ Straight My baby daddy takes care of me and mines We never want for nothing And sleep comfortably at night We straight When lil’ man needs a new fit His daddy does the shopping New tennis shoes for school … Continue reading

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Mind vs Spirit

Mind vs Spirit Today I would like to reflect on a time when my mind and my spirit were in conflict – mind vs spirit. Use the following words to create a poem (ballad, sonnet, lyric, prose, free verse, spoken … Continue reading

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Losing Control

Losing Control His words hit me like a prophecy, I think I am ready to lose control My life is Hi-s-tory I am only the mold I knew not of my purpose until I became broken Emotion less of ignorance The … Continue reading

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Haiku – Fall Into Me

Fall Into Me The fall exudes peace Exploits the fire inside leaves Fall’s in love with me

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Self Reflection

Self Reflection -written 24 October 2013 by Renae’ (Satire) Harrison If I sit still for a moment perhaps my mind would listen and embrace those experiences that demand self reflection to discover truths buried deep in my addictions I am … Continue reading

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My Call to God

My Call to God I’m sifting through some old journals, and I came across an assignment I wrote in English class back in 1998. I’m in awe because I feel as if I somehow saw my future. The feelings expressed … Continue reading

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A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men -written by Renae’ Harrison 2 December 1999 Shackling through the wilderness fields robust and brave they be, For our safety they come to shield As they go marching out to sea. The work all day, hard … Continue reading

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Nigga’ Knock, Nigga’ Not

Nigga’ Knock, Nigga’ Not – written 16 August 2013 by Renae’ (Satire) Harrison Nigga’, Nagger, Nigger, verbal distortions of human figures; Derivative of Latin descent, The French accommodated it, Thus spawned into the English language. Now modern day society embraces … Continue reading

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Most Cherished

MOST CHERISHED – written 6 June 2003 by Renae’ Harrison  A hundred ways to say a hundred things Time passes by, you forget what  it means, Thoughtful minds full of memories,  I remember love – it’s you and me.  

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