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We’ Straight

We’ Straight My baby daddy takes care of me and mines We never want for nothing And sleep comfortably at night We straight When lil’ man needs a new fit His daddy does the shopping New tennis shoes for school … Continue reading

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Mind vs Spirit

Mind vs Spirit Today I would like to reflect on a time when my mind and my spirit were in conflict – mind vs spirit. Use the following words to create a poem (ballad, sonnet, lyric, prose, free verse, spoken … Continue reading

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No Place Like Home

– written 25 June 2013 by Renae’ Harrison Wouldn’t it be great to exercise your mind, indulge in the playfulness of words with style, rhythm, and rhyme. A simple thought is where it begins of imagination and intellect, Fruitful thoughts … Continue reading

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A Moment of Prayer

– written 10 January 2004 by Renae’ Harrison So much time has passed since we last spoke Many days I haven’t prayed In this moment I fall to my knees, fold my hands, and slowly bow my head. I ask … Continue reading

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