Lotus Cove

Lotus Cove

Blue LotusSelf enlightenment is food for the spirit. In several religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Egyptian mythology, the lotus flower represents rebirth and purification.

This flower slowly emerges from muddy water only to bloom in the sunlight. The muddy water represents the [struggle], and the bloom into the sun represents enlightenment.

In Psychology, one would compare this symbolism to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – self-actualization. This portion of the hierarchy is one of importance to us because it stems from a simple, yet strong foundation that grows into a solid structure. White LotusSuch achievement is one of morality, creativity, spontaneity, acceptance, experience, purpose, meaning, and inner potential.

Each of these characteristics represent spiritual maturity, which are expressed in the color of the lotus.

What does a lotus flower have to do with poetry? Well, nothing really, but we’re going to use the symbolism of each lotus to create beautiful lines of poetry – lines that represent our struggles.

Each week I will pick a lotus, and we will create poetry, no matter its form, that represents the symbolic meaning of each color. We’ve all experienced a struggle of some sort, many of the same caliber, and we’ve all conquered something. I want to know what Red Lotusmoves you, and share in your enlightenment.

Using the symbolism from Buddhism, lets check out the lotus flowers and their meanings:


  • White Lotus – purity of the mind and spirit.
  • Pink Lotus – of the highest deity, and state of mind.
  • Purple Lotus – spirituality and mysticism.
  • Red Lotus – compassion and love.
  • Blue Lotus – the senses – of logic and wisdom.
  • Gold Lotus – all achievement of all enlightenment. Purple Lotus

Progressing through each stage of self-enlightenment enables us to achieve a higher sense of self – one that is free from malicious thoughts. As we traverse the journey of becoming one with the mind, and spirit we become more valuable to ourselves and others. Let our testimonies be our guide so that we can make some beautiful poetry together!

                                                                                          Gold Lotus

Pink Lotus

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